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  Featured Products
For measurement of positive, negative & low pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, flow and liquid Level etc.
Relatively simple and reliable instruments for continuous flow rate indication.
  Pitot Tubes  
For measuring Air/Gas & Liquid Velocities in Ducts & Pipe Lines.
  Level Indicators & Switches  
Simple and reliable device for level visualization in tanks.
  Sight Flow Indicators  
Used for visual indication of flow in vertical as well as horizontal pipelines.
  Orifies Plates & Assemblies  
Primary instrument for measuring differential pressure & flow rate.

We are one of the few Multi-product organization manufacturing, supplying & exporting quality process control instruments and system since 1979.

Telelin was established with intension to manufacture and supply best quality performance guaranteed Process Instruments for Pressure, Vacuum, Flow, Level, Temperature etc. After starting from a small scale Telelin has blossomed into a reputed organization with manufacturing facilities at number of locations with modern & appropriate infrastructure to produce Quality products and systems. With support from our design engineers & quality control, We have built a reputation for delivering quality instruments with zero rejection and highly durable instruments manufacturing company.

Our Company has a distinguished record of success for providing leading technology and cost effective solutions to our customers.  Our marketing, production, design & development department are located nearby to provide efficient & timely service to our customers.

We have established a quality system for manufacturing various instruments likewise:

  Welcome to Telelin India

Telelin Instruments (India) is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Flow, Level, Pressure, Vacuum, Velocity and Temperature Measuring & Controlling Instruments.

We are well known brand in India for manufacturing process control instruments with number of reputed clients. Our Company has a distinguished record of success for providing leading technology and cost effective solutions to our clients. Our sales team takes customers testimonials and attend their grievances & small problems enabling us to serve them better and improve our technology at the same time.



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