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We are leading rotameter manufacturers & exporter in India. Our customized manufacturing capability and satisfying customers flow needs as given repute for delivering quality flowmeters with durability.

These Rotameter flowmeters are relatively simple and reliable instruments for continuous flow rate indication. This flowmeters consists of a vertical mounted, calibrated tapered tube with float inside and a scale directly calibrated as per flow range taking into account operating Sp. Gr. /Density and operating viscosity with Accuracy of +/- 2% Full Scale Range.

The wide range of rotameters for varied applications makes us amongst the best and most sort after rotameter supplier in india. Our mfg. range includes glass tube, magnetic, low flow, acrylic body, gas, multiple & metal tube, air purge, digital, bypass, water rotameter & rotameters For valve leak testing.

  Acrylic Plastic body Rotameters  
High accuracy, cost effective & glasslike clearity plastic body rotameter.
  By-Pass Rotameter Complete Assemblies  
Recommended for large flows in 2 & above size pipe lines
  Digital Magnetic Rotameter  
Used for flow measurement in high pressure, temperature of liquids & gases.
  Gang Rotameter  
Used as field instrument for measuring different flows.
  Glass Tube Rotameters  
Simple and reliable instruments for continuous flow rate indication.
  Low Flow Acrylic Plastic Body Rotameters  
Highly durable for measurement of low flows/
  Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameters  
Highly accurate in measurement of low flows cc/min. & ml flows.
  Ultrasonic Flowmeter  
Abundant capabilities for accurate liquid flow measurement from outside of a pipe.
  Air Purge Rotameter  
Consisting of Tee Shape Drop Pipe, Air Plastic Body & manometer.
  Electromagnetic Flowmeter  
Reduce your cost and at the same time giving performance at par with metallic body Flowmeters.
  Principles of Rotameter/Flowmeter  
Detail Description of Rotameter/Flowmeter.
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