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  Products > Rotameters > By-Pass Type Rotameter Complete Assemblies
  By-Pass Type Rotameter Complete Assemblies
Telelin makes By-Pass Type Rotameter Complete Assemblies are recommended for large flows in 2” & above size pipe lines, where direct on-line Rotameter is not possible for becoming very costly due to non availability of required dia. Tube or large dia. Tube respectively. Assembly consists of

a) A pair of 38mm thick orifice flanges with ½” BSP female pressure tapings
b) A precisely bored & finished orifice plate
c) Necessary by-pass piping
d) 2 Nos. Isolating valves
e) A rotameter in By- Pass line with range orifice plate. All items assembled together as shown in Pic. 1 & 2 above MOC as required by fluid / client. By pass piping design (position) differs for vertical installation & horizontal Installation.

Details required for submitting offer :

a) Piping position / Flow direction i.e. vertical: Upward / Downward. Horizontal : Left to right or right to left
b) Line size, exact I.D. & O.D. or Pipe schedule
c) Fluid Name, OP. Temp, OP. Pressure, OP. SP. GR. / Density, OP. Viscosity
d) Minimum & Maximum Flow, Special details if any.
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