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  Products > Level Indicators & Switches
  Level Indicators & Switches

We are amongst the most recognized level indicator manufacturer in india. Level  Indicators are most simple and reliable device for level visualization widely used in petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical plants, nuclear plants , OEM’ S. We give custom built level indicators to our client to suit their specification i.e desired CC distance, connection orientation, suiting their pressure and temperature needs there by giving our instruments long term durability.

The wide range of level indicators for varied applications makes us amongst the best and most sort after level indicator exporter in india. Our mfg. range includes Liquid, Reflex, Tubular, Tank, Magnetic, Gas, Fuel, Propane, Float & board level indicators, Level, Mini Level & Float switches, Transparent, Bi-colour, Roller type, Side & top Mounted & Gauge cock level gauges.

Our design and sales engineers work hand in hand to make us amongst the best level indicator supplier in India.

  Tubular Level Indicator  
Most simple and reliable device for level visualization.
  Float & Board Level Indicators  
Based on simple mechanical principle, widely used in large tanks & overhead storage tanks.
  Knob Type & Banjo-bolt Level Indicators  
Level indicator for small oil tanks in trucks & other automobiles.
  Level Switches  
Float magnet coupled with inside magnet in the switch allows change over of contacts.
  Magnetic Bi-colour Level Indicators  
Used for flammable toxic fluids where glass type level indicators cannot be used.
  Magnetic Level Indicator  
Used for high temperature & high pressure Liquids.
  Reflex Level Indicator  
High pressure Colourless liquids appears black making Level observation easy.
  Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicators-Bi-Colour Roller Type  
Used for visual indication in underground tanks.
  Transparent Level Indicator  
Level visualisatons for high pressure & high temperature liquids.
  Air Purge Level Indicators  
Consisting of Tee Shape drop pipe.
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