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  Level Switches

Telelin Level Switch works on Magnetic Principle. The float carries a permanent magnet which is opposed by a similar magnet inside the switch. As the float moves up, The inside magnet which carries contacts repels and moves away from the float magnet. This ensures a snap action and change over of contacts. This Action is completely gland less and hence no leakage possibility into the switch housing. These switch can be successfully used in water tanks, steriliser, tea boilers, high pressure boilers, chemical tanks, water heaters, storage tanks and innumerable other applications.


Type : Magnetic internal float operated.

Switch Housing : Weather Proof, C.S / S.S.304 / S.S.316.

Contact Rating : 2A at 240V AC. 0.5A at 220V D.C.

Conduit Connection Size & Type : 3/4” I.T. or equivalent adapters for other sizes or suitable cable glands.

Max. Operating Pressure : KG/CM2.

Specif1ic Gravity : 0.8 and above special floats for low S.G.

Float, Stem & Wetted parts material : S.S.304/S.S.316.

Type of Contacts : Air break 1 No + 1NC.

Switch Differential : Fixed 12 mm. (Approx).

Max Temperature : 250C.

Connection Size & Type : 2” or 21/2” NPT.
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