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We are amongst the first manometer manufacturers in India. Manometers manufactured by us are accurate, simple and economical instruments for measurement of positive pressure, negative pressure, low pressure, draft or small differential pressure, vacuum, flow and liquid Level etc. The units of measure commonly used are mmW.g., inch W.g., mm Hg, Inch Hg, kg/cm2, PSIG, mbar, Pa , Flow Units .The wide range of manometers for varied applications makes us amongst the best and most sort after for our Mfg. range of manometers Like wise Inclined, Digital, U Tube, Water, Vacuum,Differential Pressure,Well & Gas Manometers.

Manometers purchased from us are most reliable and reputed and so always buy manometers from us.

  Absolute Vacuum Manometer  
Used for accurate measurement of process vacuum in its last stages.
  Gang Manometer  
More then one manometer accommodated in common casing.
  Inclined Tube Manometer  
Expanded scales for low/small differential pressures gives fast & easy readings..
  Single Limb Well Manometer  
Gives direct reading of pressure vacuum, DP & flow in liquids.
  U-Tube Manometer  
Primary instrument for measurement of vacuum, flow, positive, negative & differential pressures.
  Digital Pressure Manometer  
Precision pressure measuring instrument with selectable units of calibration.
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