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  Products > Manometers > U-Tube Manometer
  U-Tube Manometer
“Telelin” make U-Tube Manometer are accurate, Simple and economical instruments for measurement of positive pressure, negative pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, flow etc. U-tube manometers indicates pressure as vertical distance from the top of the fluid in one leg to the top of fluid in the other leg. Scales are graduated from centre zero towards each end and distance s traveled by liquid from zero are added. There in no loss of accuracy if the two distances are different because of slight tube bore difference. The units of measure commonly used are mmW.g., inch W.g., mm Hg, Inch Hg, kg/cm 2 , PSIG, mbar, Pa , Flow Units etc.

Model Available :

UT-212 wall or front of panel mounting type

UT-235 Stand mounted i.e Self standing type

UT -250 ( Wooden borad mounted U-tube manometer )

UT- PU ( U-tube manometer using polyurethane tube in place of glass tube )

PBM-UT ( One piece acrylic plastic body U-tube Manometer )

HUT- 291 ( U-tube manometer with attached 3 valve manifold or 5 valve manifold unit )
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