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  Products > Level Indicators & Switches > Magnetic Bi-colour Level Indicators
  Magnetic Bi-colour Level Indicators
“Telelin” make Bi-Colour type level indicators are designed, using simple magnetic principle. Level is indicated by changed colour of Bi-colour magnetic rollers. They are mounted on aluminium channel, protected by sturdy aluminium box which is moved by magnetic float in the main line pipe chamber. The roller turns upside down changing colour from yellow to red. Thus Showing level . It is used at places where there is flammable toxic or high temperature and high pressure fluid where glass type level indicators cannot be used .

CC Distance : 3000mm max.

Pressure Rating : 25 kg/cm 2 max.

Temperature Rating : 350 o C

Connection Orientation : Side Mouted

Model No. : TL-124

Application : liquified gases, CL 2 , NH 3 , Propylene, PCL 3 , Oleum, H 2 S0 4 , HCL, Pesticides, Molten Sulphur, Lead, Solvent Acids, Chlorosulphonic Acid.
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