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  Products > Rotameters > Digital Magnetic Rotameter
  Digital Magnetic Rotameter
Telelin make High accuracy digital metal tube rotameters are used in place of glass tube rotameters wherein there is high pressure and high temperature in the line which glass tube rotameter cannot withstand. This magnetic flow meter uses magnetic float which is detected by highly sensitive magnetic field detection sensor which enables to show digital readout. This flow meter does not require any electrical connection, as it operates on replaceable battery. This flow meter has in built two wire transmitter i.e 4-20 mA output.

Ranges Available : From 0.2 to 150 m 3 /Hr (Water Flow) From 6 to 4500 Nm 3 /Hr (Air Flow)

Accuracy : +/- 2% of Full Scale Range. Range Ability : 10 : 1

Temperature Rating : -50 to 120 o C

Pressure Rating : 70 Kg/cm 2

Enclosure : Flameproof/Weatherproof

Line Size : from 15 NB to 150 NB

Power Supply : 9 VDC Battery

Optional : Flow totalizer inbuilt or external can be provided on request.
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