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  Products > Rotameters > Glass Tube Rotameters
  Glass Tube Rotameters
“Telelin” make high accuracy fully enclosed online direct reading glass tube rotameters are relatively simple and reliable instruments for continuous flow rate indication. This rotameters consists of a vertical mounted, calibrated tapered tube with float inside and a scale directly calibrated as per flow range taking into account operating Sp. Gr. /Density and operating viscosity. Your line fluid raises the float in tapered glass Tube, Area increases as float moves upward thereby showing the exact (Increasing) flow.

Accuracy : +/- 2% Full Scale Range

Mounting : Vertical with Bottom inlet i.e Mounting In Upward Vertical Flow line

MOC : M-S / 304 S.S / 316 S.S / P.P / PVC / PTFE or as required

Models Available :

GT-797 FL,
FL=Flanged End Connections at bottom and top

GT-797 FLS,
FLS=Flanged Connection at Side or at Rear

GT-797 SC,
SC=Screwed End Connection at bottom and top

GT-797 SCS,
SCS=Screwed End Connection at Side or at Rear
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