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  Products > Rotameters > Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameters
  Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameters
“Telelin” make high accuracy fully enclosed Low Flow glass tube rotameters/purge rotameters are relatively simple and reliable instruments for continuous flow rate indication. This rotameter consists of a vertical mounted, calibrated tapered tube with float inside and a scale directly calibrated as per flow range taking into account operating Sp. Gr. /Density and operating viscosity. Your line fluid raises the float in tapered glass tube, Area increases as float moves upward thereby showing the exact ( Increasing) flow. This flow meters are provided with/without flow control valve at entry point.

Accuracy : +/- 2% Full Scale Range

Casing : Aluminum Casing from 3 sides and clear acrylic front

Mounting : Wall Mounting, Front of Panel Mounting with help of screwed mounting lugs, Direct Mounting.

MOC : M-S / 304 S.S / 316 S.S / P.P / PVC / PTFE or as required

Models Available :

GT-777 R/TB
( Having Flow Control Valve at entry point and connections at rear or Top and Bottom )

GT-771 R/TB
( Without Flow Control Valve and having connections at rear or Top and Bottom )

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