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  Products > Dead Weight P.G. Testers & Comparators > Comparison Test Pump
  Comparison Test Pump
Comparison Test Pumps are used For Calibrating pressure gauges against master pressure gauge. The master gauge to be periodically checked on dead weight pressure gauge tester. Two gauge connectors are provided for connecting master gauge and gauge to be tested to the same hydraulic pressure. Screw Pump, Oil operated, will generate pressure in the circuit. Permits easy and accurate setting of pressure.

Model Nos. Range
TP1 0 -100 kgf/cm2
0 -1500 lgf/in2
With a large capacity screw pump and a removable oil reservoir with isolating valve in a simple line circuit permitting effective air removal.
TP2 0 -700 kgf/cm2
0 -10000 lgf/in2
With lever operated Priming Pump also giving continuous oil delivery for filling up large gauges or even external piping. Capable of developing 10% of the instrument range and with isolating valves at both ends. Unique closed circuit for effective air removal.
TP3 0 -1000 kgf/cm2
0 -15000 lgf/in2

Water operated models are also available in comparison test pumps. All wetted parts will be made of stainless steel.

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