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  Products > Instrument Tube Fittings & Flanges > Valves & Manifold Valves
  Valves & Manifold Valves

Telelin make Valves and manifold valves are manufactured from barstock & forged 304/316 S.S. Material with mounting Flange or without.

Types of Manifold Valves :

•  Two Way Manifold
•  Three Way Manifold
•  Five Way Manifold
•  Or as per your requirement

Telelin also specializes in manufacturing quality ball valves in 304 S.S./316 S.S and C.S. Material in line size ¼” To 4” Types of Valves :

•  Single Piece designed Ball Valves
•  Three Piece designed Ball Valves
•  Investment Casting / Cast Iron Ball Valves
•  Gate Valves
•  Non –Return Valves
•  Two Piece designed Ball Valves
•  Three way Ball Valves
•  Gauge Glass Cork
•  Globe Valves
•  Wafer Check Valve
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